Levadeiros of @Madeira

Welcome to the project Levadeiros of @Madeira

Learn and discover Madeira Island through the eyes of a Madeiran. Let the Levadeiro guide you through the (web) channels that our island has to offer and discover the (hidden) beauties of the culture, nature, history and the people.

The Levadeiros of @Madeira is a Rotation Curation (#RoCur) project where every English-speaking Madeira related person, whether home or abroad, will guide your thoughts and views as seen from the Pearl of the Atlantic, namely Madeira Island (Portugal).

They are the curators, or in our case we call them the ‘levadeiros of @Madeira

The levadeiro … one of the oldest professions on the island. The man responsible for the maintenance of the irrigation channels (On Madeira Island they call them Levadas) and the distribution of water. Nowadays most of the visitors to the island are taking the same (levada)paths the levadeiro uses. You might say that they are (just) following his foot-steps.

Madeira Island is known as the birthplace of the Madeira Wine and Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is much more. @Madeira Twitter account offers a unique opportunity to generate global awareness of the islands culture, identity, history and local views.

For seven days, the levadeiro or levadeira recommends things to do and places to see, sharing diverse opinions, and ideas along the way. He/she will maintain the Twitter channel @Madeira and let the stream of information flow down to your visual senses.

This project is inspired by a well-known Swedish campaign called ‘The Curators of Sweden‘ (@sweden) – a social media campaign initiated by Svenska Institutet and VisitSweden on Twitter.

The objective is that each week a new person in/from Madeira takes over the helm of the @Madeira Twitter account and shares with the world their Madeira impressions, memories, stories, pictures, culture and identity.

Twitter as a medium makes it easy to reach out to the target audience in realtime. It is quick to update and to share content.

You can apply to be the Levadeiro (or Levadeira) of @Madeira for a week or you can suggest a friend who is a Madeira (or Porto Santo) citizen.

If you do not have Madeira roots, but you do have a strong link with the island, then you are also welcome to apply.

Send an email to nominate@levadeiro.com answering to the following questions and we will consider your application/suggestion.

  • What is your full name?
  • What is your Twitter account?
  • And how do you use Twitter? (smartphone, desktop, Tweetdeck)
  • What is your link with Madeira? (citizen, roots, visitor)
  • What would you tweet about via the @Madeira Twitter account?

Important Notes:

Your contact information will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge and permission. Your contact information will be used solely for the purpose of communicating with you at your request.

Please be aware that the following Participation Rules are applied: click here

*  Latest update – Beta test

At the moment we are also accepting applications from companies, businesses, institutes, non-profit organizations or Madeiran celebrities to curate for 1 week the @Madeira Twitter account.

The condition is that they need to promote Madeira as much as possible. (and not only their services or products). Spamming will not be allowed!

Don Amaro

Hi. My name is Don Amaro and I am the admin of both this site and @Madeira.

My roots are divided into two islands namely Curaçao and Madeira. Interesting fact is that these are both islands … and also both are well-known alcoholic drinks. You could therefore consider me as a large bottle with a mixture of these both beverages … only … it has a Dutch label on it. The Netherlands was the place where I spent most of my lifetime, but the last 10 years I have been living on the beautiful island named Madeira.

On daily basis I work as a web strategist, social media editor, photographer, graphic designer, web master … and altruist (which is more my character than my job description). My love for the island of Madeira has grown with the years and therefore, to show my gratitude, I want to give something in return. Through various Internet channels I try to create platforms, introduce ideas with the mere objective to promote the island to the world. And what do I get for in return? Here is where the ‘altruist’ part kicks in.

@Madeira Twitter account is one of the (several) personal projects. Started in 2007, with a total of 11,500+ tweets and 4,650+ followers, it became one of my daily tasks … till recently when I decided to give others (people from Madeira) the opportunity to use this channel to express themselves, via Rotation Curation (#RoCur). Actually all the tweets from the start (2007) till 20th of March 2015 … are mine.

When we have no designated ‘levadeiro’ on a certain week/period, then I will ‘fill in the gaps’. But I hope we can find more Madeirans (maybe even Cristiano Ronaldo …?) to join the fun and show the world how big (in heart and personality) Madeirans really are.

My personal Twitter: @donamaro